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Speakers Bureau Results - Vegan Whole Food Plant-Based

Rachael Brown

Rachael Brown is an author and speaker and helps people transition from the SAD to HAPPY (Healthy And Plant-Powered, Yay!). Find her at www.forforkssakebook.com.

Anne Schroeder

Board Certified Nurse Coach., RN & Diabetic Educator, Plant-based Nutritionist, Host for Plant based nutrition support group, PBNSG Beginner plant based cooking group

Niki Davis, MD

Niki Davis, MD is a “rocket scientist” turned medical doctor, board certified in both family and lifestyle medicine. She sees patients at Love.Life/TeleHealth.

Janet Pearson

Presenter & Mentor - Joyful Healthy Cooking - Local Libraries & Small Groups via Zoom. WFPB Recipe Developer, Board Member- PBNM.org & Founding Member-SCA/Think Tank

Beth Garver

I have been in Lifestyle Medicine (LM) & Plant-Based Consulting since 2019, partnering with healthcare & businesses to implement programs succesfully & under budget.

Cyd Notter

Long-time WFPB Nutrition Educator, Food for Life Instructor, Author, Coach., Course Developer, Speaker, and Podcast Guest.

Dr. Akil Taher

I thought heart disease would not happen to me. I'm a doctor, not an open heart surgery patient. Today. I speak all over the world on living a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Nichole Fogleman

Author, "In the Garden" devotional guiding those new to plant based living, Host-PBNSG, "Fighting Pain with Food", founding member- SCA, Plant-based Nutrition Certified

Well Elephant

I educate people how to reverse disease, as I have, by following a plant-based diet through my online class, speaking engagements, and podcast, Age Like a Badass Mother

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