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Discover Our Mission - SCA Launch and Insights

Purpose of

Sage Circle 


  • Unify and amplify the voice of the plant-based movement
  • Create innovative solutions to enhance global life
  • Increase the velocity and effectiveness of the movement for the health of people, animals, and the planet
  • Support plant-based entrepreneurs and change-makers
  • Expand business and revenue opportunities for members

"Joining the Sage Circle alliance has been a
game-changer for me. I want to share how this incredible community has not only transformed my lifestyle but also connected me with like-minded individuals on a meaningful journey. As a member, I've discovered a wealth of resources, support, and opportunities for personal growth. The association has effectively utilized these testimonials in their outreach efforts, creating a ripple effect of inspiration. I've witnessed friends and family members, initially curious about my plant-based lifestyle, becoming intrigued and open to exploring it for themselves."

Bryan D.

Green Growth Mentors

"I never thought going plant-based could be this fulfilling until I found the Sage Circle Alliance. What stood out for me was the sheer diversity of people sharing their stories. It's not just about eating greens; it's a lifestyle, and the association captures that essence. Being part of this community has broadened my horizons. 

Each one has a unique journey towards health, compassion, and sustainability. It's not preachy; it's real people, real stories. The Sage Circle Alliance isn't just about food; it's a movement with a heartbeat."

Paul C.

Plant Based Nutrition Support

"The science validating food as medicine hasn’t changed since Ayurveda began defining foods more than 5000 years ago. Hippocrates said, "Let food be thy medicine," some 2000 years later. Since then, wise people, researchers, and healers have said the same in many different ways. So, the science hasn’t changed. No one argues that. Where we get stuck is how to deliver the message so that it is heard and believed. The goal of the SCA is to amplify the message for the benefit of humans, our beyond-human relatives, and the planet. It is a huge undertaking. No one can do it alone. We must work together to make it happen. It’s time to be the transformation we wish to see in the world. That’s why the SCA exists. That’s why I am a part of it."

Meryl F.

Plant Based Nutrition Movement

Join our international network of like-minded organizations working towards improving the global food system.

Most health issues can be reversed with food and lifestyle changes.

Plant-based vegan entrepreneurs are the source and resources to initiate and support such changes.

At our core, we are a coalition of like-minded individuals and businesses committed to promoting a sustainable, plant-based lifestyle. Our alliance aims to increase business opportunities and revenue for our members while championing the values of ethical and health-conscious living that saves our health, animal lives and ultimately, the planet.

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