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Real People Eat Plants

Real People Eat Plants is a dynamic platform dedicated to inspiring and supporting individuals and businesses to embrace a plant-based lifestyle. Our mission is to educate

Cyd Notter

Long-time WFPB Nutrition Educator, Food for Life Instructor, Author, Coach., Course Developer, Speaker, and Podcast Guest.

Jeannie Hudkins

Author, “Eat Like You Give a Damn: For the Animals, For Your Health, For Our Planet”, and “Dietology 101: Be Slim, Be Full, Be Well".

Green Sprout Marketing

Empowering Plant-Based, Vegan, and Lifestyle Medicine Companies through Innovative Digital Marketing Strategies, Web Design, and Google Ads!

Anne Schroeder

Board Certified Nurse Coach., RN & Diabetic Educator, Plant-based Nutritionist, Host for Plant based nutrition support group, PBNSG Beginner plant based cooking group

The Plant Powered Passport

Your Gateway to Wellness: A Passport to Vibrant Health Join live Zoom events, webinars, cooking demonstrations, and lectures by leading medical and nutritional experts.

Miguel Ramos

Miguel is a co-founder of Limble CMMS, a company that had a valuation of $450M in '23. He is now looking for his next cause to help the planet, animals, & public health.

Rachael Brown

Rachael Brown is an author and speaker and helps people transition from the SAD to HAPPY (Healthy And Plant-Powered, Yay!). Find her at www.forforkssakebook.com.

Scott Harrington, D.O.

Board Certified Family & Lifestyle Medicine, founder of www.VeganPrimaryCare.com. "Get a Doctor Who Gets You" available in multiple states via telemedicine.

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