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Plant Based on Fire

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Year Established: 2023

About Plant Based on Fire

"Plant Based on Fire" is a cutting-edge podcast that serves as a beacon for entrepreneurs navigating the rapidly growing plant-based market. Hosted by Bryan Dennstedt, a seasoned advocate for veganism and sustainable living, this show delves into the heart of plant-based entrepreneurship, offering listeners an insider's view of the industry's challenges and triumphs. Each episode features in-depth interviews with pioneering business owners, from startup visionaries to established leaders, who share their journey, insights, and strategies for thriving in the plant-based space.

The podcast not only highlights the personal stories and business acumen of its guests but also focuses on the broader impact of plant-based businesses on health, the environment, and animal welfare. Bryan's engaging conversations cover a range of topics, including innovation in vegan products, navigating market trends, and the importance of ethical practices in business. "Plant Based on Fire" is designed to inspire current and aspiring entrepreneurs by showcasing the potential for success in the plant-based industry, providing valuable lessons on growth, marketing, and sustainability.

Listeners can expect to come away from each episode with a wealth of knowledge, from practical advice on starting and scaling a plant-based business to insights on making a positive impact through ethical entrepreneurship. Whether you're a seasoned business owner in the vegan market, someone with a budding startup idea, or simply interested in the intersection of business and veganism, "Plant Based on Fire" offers a unique blend of inspiration, education, and community support to fuel your passion and drive your business forward.


Entertainment and Media, Podcasts