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Speakers Bureau - Vegan Whole Food Plant-Based Results - United States Of America

Vegan Visibility Productions

Vegan Visibility Productions is your go-to partner for achieving maximum visibility and impact in the plant-based vegan and sustainable industries.

Climate Healers

Dedicated towards Human Earth and Animal Liberation

Cyd Notter

Long-time WFPB Nutrition Educator, Food for Life Instructor, Author, Coach., Course Developer, Speaker, and Podcast Guest.

Beth Garver

I have been in Lifestyle Medicine (LM) & Plant-Based Consulting since 2019, partnering with healthcare & businesses to implement programs succesfully & under budget.

Anne Schroeder

Board Certified Nurse Coach., RN & Diabetic Educator, Plant-based Nutritionist, Host for Plant based nutrition support group, PBNSG Beginner plant based cooking group

The Glen Merzer Show

The host of the eponymous podcast, Glen is the author of Food Is Climate, Own Your Health, and the novel Off the Reservation. He is co-author, with Howard Lyman, of Mad

Dr. Akil Taher

I thought heart disease would not happen to me. I'm a doctor, not an open heart surgery patient. Today. I speak all over the world on living a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Peggy Kraus

Peggy Kraus is a diabetes specialist and a clinical exercise physiologist. Her clients say her superpower is reversing type 2 diabetes.

Carol Whitaker

Lifestyle Medicine advocate, educator and Certified health coach. Helping people improve health/wellbeing outcomes through different daily choices and habits.

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