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Vegan Whole Food Plant-Based Results - United States Of America

Jeannie Hudkins

Author, “Eat Like You Give a Damn: For the Animals, For Your Health, For Our Planet”, and “Dietology 101: Be Slim, Be Full, Be Well".

Melissa Reznar, PhD, MPH

I teach nutrition and health at Oakland University (Rochester, MI). My research focus is plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine implementation in health systems.

Love.Life Telehealth

Love.Life Telehealth is a national telemedicine service that makes lifestyle medicine available to everyone, in all 50 US states and internationally.

Anne Schroeder

Board Certified Nurse Coach., RN & Diabetic Educator, Plant-based Nutritionist, Host for Plant based nutrition support group, PBNSG Beginner plant based cooking group

The Plant Powered Passport

Your Gateway to Wellness: A Passport to Vibrant Health Join live Zoom events, webinars, cooking demonstrations, and lectures by leading medical and nutritional experts.

Kahn Center for Cardiac Longevity

A plant based holistic and integrative cardiology clinic serving over 20 states and internationally with advanced care, diagnosis, and treatment.

Marion Treece

Helping to empower all who want to optimize their health, our planet's health, and the well-being of animals, by following a whole food plant-based lifestyle!

Dr. Will Tuttle

Dr. Will Tuttle, author of the international best-seller, The World Peace Diet, is a pianist, composer, Dharma Master in the Zen tradition, and joyful vegan since 1980.

Trinity Health IHA Medical Group

Lifestyle Medicine providers at Trinity Health IHA Medical Group use evidence-based lifestyle interventions as a primary modality to prevent & treat chronic conditions

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