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Specialty Food Results - Vegan Whole Food Plant-Based

Donna Meyer

I'm a Board Certified Nurse Coach (NC-BC) and an ACLM Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner (DipACLM). I love supporting my clients on their journeys to optimal wellness.

Plant-Based R.H.N.

I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a Certified Plant-Based Chef who is passionate about sharing information and inspiration for healthy vegan living.


Health coach/animal rights activist business, VeganMentor. I help find optimal health and weight doing a 30 Day Program of eating a whole food plant exclusive diet.


HealthSpan & Longevity org Founded in 2014 by Mike Young focusing on http://HealthyVeganFood.info or better events WorldWide! Free resource book @ http://LIVEto150.org

Carol Whitaker

Lifestyle Medicine advocate, educator and Certified health coach. Helping people improve health/wellbeing outcomes through different daily choices and habits.

Climate Healers

Dedicated towards Human Earth and Animal Liberation

Jeannie Hudkins

Author, “Eat Like You Give a Damn: For the Animals, For Your Health, For Our Planet”, and “Dietology 101: Be Slim, Be Full, Be Well".