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Community & Non-Profit Results - Vegan Whole Food Plant-Based

Climate Healers

Dedicated towards Human Earth and Animal Liberation

Nichole Fogleman

Author, "In the Garden" devotional guiding those new to plant based living, Host-PBNSG, "Fighting Pain with Food", founding member- SCA, Plant-based Nutrition Certified

Beth Garver

I have been in Lifestyle Medicine (LM) & Plant-Based Consulting since 2019, partnering with healthcare & businesses to implement programs succesfully & under budget.

Trinity Health IHA Medical Group

Lifestyle Medicine providers at Trinity Health IHA Medical Group use evidence-based lifestyle interventions as a primary modality to prevent & treat chronic conditions

Plant-Based R.H.N.

I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a Certified Plant-Based Chef who is passionate about sharing information and inspiration for healthy vegan living.

Paul Chatlin

Paul was born in Detroit in 1958. In May of 2013, he was diagnosed with Heart Disease. His cardiologist gave him two options: bypass surgery or try “Plant Based Nutrition”

Janet Pearson

Presenter & Mentor - Joyful Healthy Cooking - Local Libraries & Small Groups via Zoom. WFPB Recipe Developer, Board Member- PBNM.org & Founding Member-SCA/Think Tank

Green Sprout Marketing

Empowering Plant-Based, Vegan, and Lifestyle Medicine Companies through Innovative Digital Marketing Strategies, Web Design, and Google Ads!

National Health Assoc.

Life Long Vegan and founder and editor of Health Science magzaine.

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