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Vegan Whole Food Plant-Based Results

Donna Meyer

I'm a Board Certified Nurse Coach (NC-BC) and an ACLM Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner (DipACLM). I love supporting my clients on their journeys to optimal wellness.

Matthew Chatlin

For over 12years, I’ve enjoy an animal free diet entirely of plant based Whole Foods. 

Vegan Visibility Productions

Vegan Visibility Productions is your go-to partner for achieving maximum visibility and impact in the plant-based vegan and sustainable industries.

Nichole Fogleman

Author, "In the Garden" devotional guiding those new to plant based living, Host-PBNSG, "Fighting Pain with Food", founding member- SCA, Plant-based Nutrition Certified

Paul Chatlin

Paul was born in Detroit in 1958. In May of 2013, he was diagnosed with Heart Disease. His cardiologist gave him two options: bypass surgery or try “Plant Based Nutrition”

Well Elephant

I educate people how to reverse disease, as I have, by following a plant-based diet through my online class, speaking engagements, and podcast, Age Like a Badass Mother

The Glen Merzer Show

The host of the eponymous podcast, Glen is the author of Food Is Climate, Own Your Health, and the novel Off the Reservation. He is co-author, with Howard Lyman, of Mad

Melissa Reznar, PhD, MPH

I teach nutrition and health at Oakland University (Rochester, MI). My research focus is plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine implementation in health systems.

Feel Fabulous with Food and Super Healthy Children

Karen Ranzi, M.A. is an Author, Vegan Coach, Autism Expert, Director of Vegan Coach Certification, and Speech Pathologist. She is a featured speaker for over 20 years.

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